How Do We Want To Be Remembered?

By / October 3, 2019

In the early years of my life, I’ve always cared about how my generation would respond when the time came for us to be the leaders of this great country. Bill Clinton was the first to break-through the many years since the country was controlled by men who either fought or lead in the battle… Read more

I Joined A Camera Club

By / September 18, 2019

I’m not one for joining anything. I don’t like speaking in front of a lot of people and I mostly just avoid being in that situation. But, as I age, I care less about what people think and dig deep into my heart and am trying to do the things that I love to do…. Read more

Should Trump Be Impeached?

By / September 18, 2019

The question: Should Trump be impeached? That’s an easy question, of course he should be impeached, if it was a normal time or if Trump was a normal president. The latter part of that answer is that this is not a normal time and Trump is not a normal president. First, there are a number… Read more

Deny, Deny, Deny

By / July 10, 2019

If you haven’t watched the recent interviews by the major networks with Trump, you missed something that was telling about our president. His motto has been, deny, deny, deny and that motto was well played by the president in those interviews. When Trump was first elected I watched a documentary on Roger Stone called Get… Read more

Why Not “Follow the Money”?

By / June 6, 2019

It appears to me that Robert Mueller investigation was mostly about the attack by Russia on the 2016 presidential election. And, he validated what was made public by the U.S. intelligence community back in early 2017. As Mr. Mueller said in his press conference Thursday, May 29, 2019, that every American should be concerned about… Read more

Trump: The Most Transparent in History

By / May 23, 2019

We all know that Donald Trump is a habitual liar. Sure, most politicians lie from time to time to make themselves look good or to cover-up bad behavior. Well, today Trump said he is the “most transparent president in history”. He also said “I don’t do cover ups”. Those may be the biggest of lies… Read more

Why Is Science Frowned Upon?

By / May 14, 2019

  I feel lucky or blessed, whichever you prefer, to have lived on this planet Earth for almost 80 years of  it’s 50,000,000,0000 year life. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why anyone would turn their back on science, but that is where we are today in the political climate in the United… Read more

The Goal for 2020 is to Defeat Trump

By / May 6, 2019

There’s a group of qualified and diverse individuals running for the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party. My goal here is not to disparage any of the Democratic Party candidates. My goal, as the title says is to “Defeat Donald Trump in 2020”. These are my opinions, they reflect my conversations with various people, polling… Read more

To Impeach or Not To Impeach?

By / April 22, 2019

Well, the redacted Mueller Report is out and available to the public. It was released on Thursday, April 18, 2019 at about 11:00 am EDT. I downloaded a copy of it and have been reading it. Meanwhile, I’ve also been watching the analysis of it on MSNBC and watched some of the Sunday morning news… Read more

To Trump It’s All Personal

By / April 9, 2019

President Donald J. Trump has a lot of enemies and he seems to like it that way. It gives him a chance to call them names like Lying Ted (Sen. Ted Cruz), Little Marco (Sen. Marco Rubio), Low Energy Jeb (Jeb Bush), Mr. Peepers (Rod Rosenstein), Wild Bill (Bill Clinton) and Crooked Hillary (Hillary Clinton)…. Read more

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